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Crawler drilling machine

  • 230m crawler drilling rig
  • 230m crawler drilling rig
230m crawler drilling rig230m crawler drilling rig

230m crawler drilling rig

  • high effiencty
  • easy to operate
  • drill deep water well drill rig
  • Product description: 1. Very powerful at soil, sand, hard rock, etc. land condition. 2. Three kinds drill bits (three-wing bit, alloy bit and diamond bit) available for your choice, which can drill both soft and hard gro

a. Keeping bracket is installed on the hosit to form a double wheel support structure, able to withstand strong blow

b. Vertical box are fixed by four groups of bearings to ensure that the rotary machine has  sufficient rigidity to overcome gravel layer and other complex geological conditions.

c.  the machine is equipped with national patent technology---taper clutch, with charactristics of strong transmission troque, easy operation and free maintenance.

d. 53 x 59 drilling rod adopted, high rigidity and strong delivery torque.

Unity machine parameter
Drilling depth 230m
Max open hole caliber 300mm
End hole caliber 75mm
Drill rod caliber 60mm
Drilling angle 90°~75°
Drill weight (without power) 975kg
Triangle conveyer belt B950 x 4 B1700 x 3
The main machine moving distance 300mm
Power Diesel engine 22HP Electric motor 15kw
spindle speed 64, 128, 287, 557r/min
Spindle stroke 450mm
Max.lifting capacity 2400kg
Single line lifting speed 0.41, 0.82, 1.64m/s
Wirerope caliber 13mm
Wirerope length 35m
Reel diameter 140mm
Hug floodgate caliber 260mm
Hug folldgate belt width 70mm
Mud pump
Type Horizontal single-urn twin-action


Electric motor 150L/min

Maximum pressure 3Mpa
Work pressure 1.5Mpa
Inlet pipe caliber 40mm
Outlet pipe caliber 30mm
Triangle conveyer belt B1728mm
Hydraulic pump
Type CBT-F-314
Triangle conveyer belt B1100 X 1



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