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  • sleeper for rail
  • sleeper for rail
  • sleeper for rail
sleeper for rail sleeper for rail sleeper for rail

sleeper for rail

  • Turnout sleepers
  • crosstie
  • sleeper
  • Antiseptic wooden pillow
  • Product description: Sleeper is a material for the laying of railway equipment, track equipment and pavement equipment.
Elasticity, light weight, simple production, good insulation properties. Fastener and wooden pillow connection is simple, laying and maintenance repair, easy to transport, wood pillow and gravel ballast between a larger coefficient of friction. But its shortcoming is the service life is shorter, consumes the timber quantity to be big. In order to effectively extend the service life, sleepers generally must be used after oil injection corrosion

Ordinary sleepers, for the railway line of ordinary sleepers;

Turnout sleepers for the railway junction area;

Bridge sleepers, for the railway bridge steel bridge equipment line laying;

Railway anti-corrosion wooden pillow Model Classification (according to Chinese standards):

Ordinary sleepers, turnout sleepers, bridge sleepers;



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