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Pile driver machine

  • 3M 360° rotary pile driver
  • 3M 360° rotary pile driver
  • 3M 360° rotary pile driver
3M 360° rotary pile driver3M 360° rotary pile driver3M 360° rotary pile driver

3M 360° rotary pile driver

  • Drilling diameter: 300-800 mm
  • Drilling depth:1-3m
  • Hydraulic system working pressure:20-25 Mpa
  • Power head torque:4800 N.M
  • Product description: Crawler walking,high walking and climbing ability The frame can be moved back and forth,bit can be adjusted,high piling position accuracy.

rotary pile driver,electric rotary pile driverPile driving speed,the average 3 minutes can realize piling 6 meters deep,namely a hole 3 minutes to play.Oil province,is a common driver uses around half of a year can be a driver left money for you.Bit using manganese steel manufacturing,through processing,are suitable for all kinds of geological environment.

Power rating 50 KW
Rated speed 2400 r/min
Start the voltage 24 V
Dimension 4370 x 2010 x 4290 mm
Crawler plate width 260 mm
Highest pole 4370mm
Scope of operation parameters of borehole diameter 400-800mm
Maximum drilling depth 3m
Drill pipe rotation speed 71 r/min
Hydraulic system of main pump model CBG1 - F032/032
The main pump speed 2000-2400L/min
The main pump pressure 20 Mpa
The main valve flow 100 L/min
Hydraulic tank volume 200L
The performance parameters of gradability degrees 30
Maximum speed 5 KM/h

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