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Rebar tying machine

  • rebar tying machine 38mm
  • rebar tying machine 38mm
  • rebar tying machine 38mm
rebar tying machine 38mmrebar tying machine 38mmrebar tying machine 38mm

rebar tying machine 38mm

  • Product description: 1.Wire feeding,binding,cutting,tying only take around 1 seconds. 2.The tightness of binding is controled by microchip and can be adjusted freely. 3.All the binding steps finish inside of the machine

1. Designed to quickly wrap the tie around the parts to be joined.

2.Bring the 2 loops together, Pass the hook of the knotter through the loops.

3.Pull towards us to automatically twist the wire.

4.Rubber handle for comfort use,we also have wooden handle, plastic handle.

Voltage 10.8v
Battery capacity 1.5ah
Tying Speed 0.6s
Number of wraps per tie 1-3wraps
Pe - bar size 12-42mm(1/2''to1-7/10'')
Ties per coil 220ties
charge time 3hours
Consumed wire length per tie 500mm
Ties per charge 700-1000ties
Tie wire galvanized wire  0.8mm(3/100")



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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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