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  • putty mixer
  • putty mixer
putty mixerputty mixer

putty mixer

  • Product description: electric hand mixer/puddle mixer/Stainless steel paddle for putty mixer


1. Professional electric mixer 2200 watt

2. Triple reduction gears brings lower speed and higher torque.

3. Ideal for paint,glue,adhesive,cement tile grout and other high viscosity liquid.

4. With electric stepless speed adjust device

5. Variable speed controlled by a speed adjuster wheel for precise mixing speed.

6. Trigger Switch has a lock in pin for continuous operation without the need to hold down the trigger.

Model LH
Voltage 220,230,110V/50HZ
Power 2kw/2.2kw
No-load speed I: 100-420rpm II: 150-600rpm
Protective type Double insulation
Protective class classII
Mix paddle 120mm
Certification Quality certification
Features 2-speed power mixer with double mixing paddles



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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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