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Protection device

  • chemically bound oxygen self-rescuer
chemically bound oxygen self-rescuer

chemically bound oxygen self-rescuer

A self-contained self-rescue device, SCSR, self-contained self-rescuer, or air pack is a portable oxygen source for providing breathable air when the surrounding atmosphere lacks oxygen or is contaminated with toxic gases, e.g. cabon monoxide . A SCSR is usually a closed-circuit breathing apparatus with a  chemical oxygen generator or a compressed oxygen cylinder and a carbon dioxide absorber. SCSR are most commonly used in some coal mines, are intended for one person, and usually supply at least one hour of oxygen. SCSR are intended to facilitate escape from mines after a fire or explosion. They are also used by people working with machinery on the surface of a mine or pit, in case they become covered by such materials as coal or sand. Usage of SCSR for other purposes is discouraged


This breathing apparatus is a personal protective apparatus for breathing system which utilizes compressed oxygen as source to generate isolated oxygen of closed circuit to provide the wearer with clean oxygen, and is mainly used under pit or in the environment where toxic gases exist or oxygen is deficient.

Model ZYX30 ZYX45 ZYX60 ZYX120
Duration ≥30 min ≥45 min ≥60 min ≥120 min
Capacity of oxygen bottle 0.3L 0.3L 0.4L 1L
Filling pressure for oxygen bottle (19~21)MPa ≥19MPa (19~21)MPa (19~21)MPa
Oxygen storage ≥56L ≥80L ≥140L ≥280L
Oxygen Oxygen delivery by 1.2L/min

supplying constant flow

Manual operation 60L/min
modes Automatic operation 60L/min
Exhaust pressure (150~300)Pa
Dimensions 154×241×84mm 176x227x97mm 178×228×99mm 206x107x302mm
Weight 2.2kg 3kg 3kg 4kg



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