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road roller

  • 10T Vibratory Road Roller
  • 10T Vibratory Road Roller
10T Vibratory Road Roller 10T Vibratory Road Roller

10T Vibratory Road Roller

  • Type:Single Drum Roller
  • Operating mass:10000kg
  • Product description: 1. Operating mass: 10000kg 2. Drum width: 2100mm 3. Engine: Cummis 4BTA3.9-C100 4. Rated Power: 80kw/2000rpm

Hydraulic vibratory rollers are manufactured according to international advanced technology and by use of imported components from abroad.The machine is a double drum tandem
vibratory roller.It is primarily used for the compaction of road asphalt concrete,sand g ravel mixtures and RCC material,being a universal compaction equipment for highway,
municipal road,park area and industry g round etc.

1.Engine With Great Power Reservation,Low Emission and Fuel Consumption.

2.Mechanical Axle Travel Mechanism ,Electric-Operated Hydraulic Dual Amplitude Device And Hydraulic Articulated Steering With Excellent Function-Worth Ratio.

3.Two Braking Systems Of Mechanical Hand Brakd And Air-Over-Oil Operated Foot Brake For Safety And Reliability.

4.Optional Padfoot Vibrating Drum For Compaction Of Cohesive Materials.

MODEL Technical Specifications
Double drum
Operating mass KG 10000
Static linear load N/cm 289
From of frame
Crabwise movement
mm ±170

High amplitude mm 0.67
Low amplitude mm 0.34

High amplitude Hz 45
Low amplitude Hz 50
Centrifugal force
High amplitude KN 90x2
Low amplitude KN 69x2
Travel speed Km/h 0-11.1
Turning speed mm 6000
Grade ability % 40
Steering angle ° ±35
Drum diameter mm 1150
Drum width mm 1730
Wheelbase mm 3217
Overall length mm 4558
Overall width mm 1840
Overall height mm 2674
Diesel model
Cummins 4BT3.9
Diesel power kw 75
Diesel speed r/min 2400



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