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  • Mine Project-light lamp
  • Mine Project-light lamp
  • Mine Project-light lamp
Mine Project-light lampMine Project-light lampMine Project-light lamp

Mine Project-light lamp

  • Colour yellow, red
  • Metal halide gas discharge lamp
  • Metal halide gas discharge lamp
  • support 24 hours continuous lighting
  • Product description:

The product is suitable for the coal mine gas, coal dust explosive gas environment, for the yard, the nose, coal port, warehouse, electrical and mechanical cavern and the fixed lighting machine etc.

Functions and features:

The product consists of two parts, ballast and lamp body, both for the flameproof design;

A shell is liquid aluminum die-casting molding, the surface is bright and clean, compact structure, strong and durable;

Transparent piece for toughened glass, good transparency, impact resistance, high strength;

Ballast is using magnetic flux leakage inductance ballast, specialized for mine start compensation capacitor, starting fast, low starting voltage, good energy saving effect, long service life;

Light source adopts advanced T metal halide light source, and specialized in designing and manufacturing, support 24 hours continuous lighting, underground without intermission, good color rendering and working stability.

light source:Metal halide gas discharge lamp

The light bulb wattage rating:175W

Lamps and lanterns of rated voltage:127V

The lamp holder (DGS175/127 b), ballast (ZBD175/127), the light bulb, the base of stents.

Mine project-light lamp use environment

environment temperature:-10~40 degrees

Relative humidity is 95%

atmospheric pressure:86~106kp

The wind speed:0.8~8m/s



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