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  • Mining smoke sensors
  • Mining smoke sensors
  • Mining smoke sensors
Mining smoke sensorsMining smoke sensorsMining smoke sensors

Mining smoke sensors

Monitoring in the coal mine machinery fault friction, heating cable, such as coal seam spontaneous combustion causes of fire accident

Can be installed in the coal mine belt conveyor machine machine beside easy to fever

For mine belt conveyor protection devices of the smoke protection signal detection

Performance feature

The installation of the sensor ,debugging and maintenance convenientand reliable

Sensor uses type gas sensitive sensor components, sensitive, reliable, and correct action

When measured smoke concentration is 0.1 mg/m3 or output low level signal to achieve smoke protection belt conveyor

Technical parameters

Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe

Explosion-proof sign:  Exib IEnclosure protection class:IP54

Ui:DC12.5V ,  Ii:80mA ,  Li:0mH  ,   Ci:4.7μF

Rated operational voltage: 12v

Operating current:                ≤80ma

Action condition :                  ≥0.1mg/m3

Output signal: When a smoke-free state or smoke concentration less than 0.1 mg/m3 , Sensor output high level signal be equal or greater than 11VDC, When the concentration of smoke be equal or greater than 0.1mg/m3, The output low level signal is less than or equal to 0.5VDC .

Action for two sensitivity level ,response time less than or equal to 30s

transmission distance :       Between sensor and associated equipment transmission medium for mine mobile light rubber set soft cable MYQ3×1.5mm2 ,connection, and host of the cable length less than or equal to 1000m



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