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  • Smoke sensor
  • Smoke sensor
  • Smoke sensor
Smoke sensorSmoke sensorSmoke sensor

Smoke sensor

  • Output: Digital Sensor
  • Theory: Inductance Sensor
  • Usage: Gas Sensor
  • voltage: ≤24V DC
  • Product description:

This product named photoelectric detector(hereinafter called detector) detects the smoke by a couple of infrared diodes. The principle of detecting is granule in the smoke can reflect infrared light. Infrared diodes are placed in the special chamber. The chamber can shield external light, but don't affect the smoke into it. While have no smoke, the diode can receive very weak infrared light.

*Good sensitivity to Combustible gas in wide range

* High sensitivity to Natural gas

* Long life and low cost

* Simple drive circuit


* Domestic gas leakage detector

* Industrial Combustible gas detector

* Portable gas detector

Operating voltage
9VBATTERY (independence or wireless type)
Static current 10uA
Alarm current 20mA
Indicate alarm RED LED FLASH
Sound Level 85dB/m
Operating Temp -10 +50
Humidity 95 RH
Detecting area 20 square meter
Alarm output RF signal 315MHz or 433MHz
Size 106*35mm
Execute criterion GB4715-1993



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