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  • Tear sensor
  • Tear sensor
  • Tear sensor
Tear sensorTear sensorTear sensor

Tear sensor

  • Rotating flexible and reliable
  • Product description:
For intrinsically safe mine tear sensor, gas, coal dust in coal mine underground contains the risk of explosive gas environment, and using comprehensive protection device for mine belt conveyor systems.

As belt conveyor belt tear protection device is used, can also be used to the ground not explosion-proof and other places that have requirements of belt conveyor.

The performance characteristics of

When the action force reaches 20 n + 3 n (100 cm) pressure, sensor, the output value of 2 k or less Ω, there is no material output resistance Ω 1 m or more, when the output resistance Ω 2 k or less, through comprehensive protective device of belt conveyer signal tape tearing, and delay 1 ~ 2 s s control host downtime.

Explosion-proof type:ExibⅠ.

On resistance:≤2KΩ.

Disconnect the electrical resistance:≥1MΩ

Action loads:20N±3N

Overall dimensions:1200mm×310mmm×45m




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