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  • HW-76B  bend machine
HW-76B  bend machine

HW-76B bend machine

  • tube bend machine square
  • bend testing machine
  • machine for bend iron
  • copper u bend machine
  • Product description: The rolling pipe bending machine HW-76B is applicable for bending stainless steel and other kinds of thin-wall metal pipes into arc shapes. It is suitable for round, square and rectangular pipes and f

Bend large diameter into full circle or arc easily .

These two model are very suitable for steel pipe of greenhouse bending.

It can bend SS thick pipe ,thick square pipe and soft steel pipe .

Adjust shafts by hand for two main shafts and one driven shaft .

If you want to bend pipes into a circular or arc shape ,the diameter of the circle or

arc should be more than twenty times of the pipe diameter .

We can supply bending dies in other specifications according to your requirements.

Dies are casted with special steel ,very long usage life.

We will put machine and dies into one plywood case .

Square dies and round dies are available.



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