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Truck mounted drilling machine

  • truck mounted drilling rig
  • truck mounted drilling rig
truck mounted drilling rigtruck mounted drilling rig

truck mounted drilling rig

  • high effiencty
  • easy to operate
  • drill deep water well drill rig
  • Product description: Truck mounted drilling machine, Truck mounted drilling rig

1. This drilling rig adopts automobile gearbox combination with 10 rotating speed levels and reasonable speed adjusting range which give this drilling rig large torque and bearing capacity, you can remotely control the gear shifting, operating conveniently and conformably.

2. Large engine power and two reverse rotation gears, can easily handle the drilling accident.
3. The operation handles are reasonably and compactly arranged, make it convenient flexible and reliable to operate.
4. Equipped with normally closed hydraulic chuck, convenient and flexible to operate.
5. Spindle and hoist can be operated separately.
6. Big spindle inner diameter, capable of larger hexagon drilling rod.

Unity machine parameter:

Drilling depth: 600m Drilling rod diameter: 60mm
End hole diameter: 75mm Max open hole diameter: 300mm
Drilling angle: 90°~ 65° Weight (no power unit included): 1600kg
Dimensions: 2.5*0.9*1.8m
Spindle speed: forward:30-1050r/min/reverse: 29-137r/min
Spindle stroke: 600mm
Spindle inner diameter: 96mm
Lifting capacity: 6000kg
Max.single line hoisting capacity: 4000kg
Single line lifting speed: 0.5-1.9m/s
Wire diameter: 12.5mm Wire length: 50m
Reel diameter: 300mm
Contracting brake diameter: 90mm
Mud pump:
Type: BW-250
Flowing capacity: 250L/min Work pressure: 0.8Mpa
Water inlet pipe diameter: 75mm Water outlet pipe diameter: 50mm
Gear oil pump:
Duplex gear oil pump: CBF-F63/25
Front displacement and pressure: 63L/min, 20Mpa
Behind displacement and pressure: 25L/min, 20Mpa
Power unit:
Diesel engine: 4105 76HP
Electric motor: Y180L-459kw



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