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Solar multi-function outdoor backpack

  • Solar multi-function outdoor backpack
  • Solar multi-function outdoor backpack
  • Solar multi-function outdoor backpack
Solar multi-function outdoor backpackSolar multi-function outdoor backpackSolar multi-function outdoor backpack

Solar multi-function outdoor backpack

  • solar bag solar backpack for laptop /cellphone/power bank
  • Solar power bank for backpack
  • Product description: using standard pp bag,and then outside using export good quality cartons packed the outdoor bags.

Features for bag.

1. Inspect all the materials when arrived, ensure they will match customers' requirements.
2. 100% brand new, exquisite design. individualize yourself.
3. Adjustable shoulder strap and PP webbing handle.
4. Boxes can be able to withstand typical impacts during handling and shipping.
5. OEM is warmly welcomed.

Main parameters:

1 solar panel:the beautiful solar cell is made of high intensity plastic with 6v/120ma/160ma0.72w/ can durable high temperature up to 160c

2.Li-battery:we choose Li-battery other than NI-CE.NI-MH in the energy charge box,

   because it has a function to protect the corcuit. And the output and the input electricity of the Li-battery: is very stabilit 3.7v/1000ma/1800ma/2200ma

3 Output electric voltage:6v/led

4.Output electric current:200ma-350ma

5.Consummate function:

You could used it in either sunny or rainy days because there is a battery inside.It can charge mobile player.MP3,radiogram recorder.etc,

And it can also be charged by loal electricity with regulator.It realizes using in sunny days,rainy days ,outdoors and in doors


(1)Using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, solar energy conversion efficiency:over 16%
(2)Solar panel:2.4W
(3)Output of solar panel:6V
(4)Can charge your electronic devices safely on the go.
(5)Material: Solar Panel: PET laminated   Fabric: Waterproof Fabric Polyester 1680DPU+PVC bottom
(6)Portable Battery Pack:3000MAH( Optional)
(7)Wide use can be applicable to most of handhelds such as mobilephones, digital camera, PDA, PSP,MP3 etc
(8)Connectors:5 mobilephone connectors

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