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Hydraulic Machinery

  • Full-automatic Electric Stacker
Full-automatic Electric Stacker

Full-automatic Electric Stacker

  • Product description: Electric hand forklifts with adjustable forks, parking brake and manual steering provides faster and safer lifting of cargo in smaller warehouses, retails floors and other tight locations.

1). Ergonomic safety control handle for one-hand operation of lifting and lowering.

2). Built-in digital battery level gauge.

3). Parking brake for safe raising and lowering.

4).Heavy duty C section mast frame for extra strength.

5).Manual handle for steering.

6).Adjustable forks can handle most standard pallets.

7).Sideways battery charger for rapid charging operation.

8).Moves easily on 4-Nylon wheels, 2 swivel and 2 rigid.

Feature MODEL HW10-35A HW20-35A HW30-35A
Mast Type 2-Stage
Power Type Battery
Max loading capacity 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg
Load Center 500mm
Operate Type Stand on
Wheel Dimension Wheel Type PU
Wheel Diameter 80/125/250mm
Dimension Standard Lift Height 3500mm
Lowered height of fork ≤90mm
Minimum turning radius 1800mm
Standard fork length 1150mm
Standard fork width 175mm
Fork overall width 570mm
Overall length 1940/2440mm 1970/2470mm 2200/2700mm
Overall width 812mm 1050mm 1350mm
Weight Kg 1010 kg 1280kg 1780kg
Performance TravelSpeed(Laden/Unladen) 5/5 km/h 5/5.5 km/h 5/5.5 km/h
LiftSpped(Laden/Unladen) 110/130 mm/s 80/120 mm/s 70/110 mm/s
Electric Configuration Drive Motor/Lift Motor 1.5/2.0kw 1.5/3.0kw 1.5/3.0kw
Battery 24V/210Ah 24V/280Ah 24V/280Ah



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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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