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CNC machinery

  • 51mm NC bend machine
51mm NC bend machine

51mm NC bend machine

  • tube bend machine square
  • bend testing machine
  • machine for bend iron
  • copper u bend machine
  • Product description: 1.Max Bending Angle:200 2.diameter scope:4-51mm 3.power supply:380V,50HZ 4.Speed:4-6r/min

The 38/51/76 CNC steel tube bending machine,this machine is mainly used for bending different kinds of tube
materials,for example round or square steel tube,stainless steel tube,flat steel tube,or other special shaped steel tube etc. And this machine always bend tubes into different angles from 5 to 180 degrees.

This model is our latest technical achievements of the research and development.Having the following Characteristics:
1.Use Micro CNC computer panel control the bending angles.More accurate.
2.Gear drive is durable and maintenance is convenient.
3.Thin tube and thick tube could work well by this machine.
4.Foot switch add CNC operation,let the tube processing so easy and convenient.



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