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  • Automatic resuscitator
  • Automatic resuscitator
Automatic resuscitatorAutomatic resuscitator

Automatic resuscitator

MZS-30 type automatic resuscitator is a kind of emergency device of positive and negative pressure resuscitator. The working principle is to continuously input fresh air into injured lungs and exhaust the lungs air reaching the objective of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The product attach pure oxygen suction device.
Can supply oxygen for the wounded whose breathing function is not paralysis ,and suck out respiratory tract secretions from the wounded.

Model MZS-30
Oxygen cylinder working pressure 20 MPa
Oxygen volume 1 L
Cylinder capacity 200 L
Rated service time 30 min
Automatic lung ventilation 12~25 L/min
Automatic lung inflation pressure 1.77~2.45 kPa
Automatic lung pumping pressure -1.47~-1.96 kPa
Autonomy breathing oxygen supply ≥15 L/min
Pressure of attract and shoot phlegm liquid ≤-59 kPa
Net weight 7 kg
Product size 420×330×160(mm)



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