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Small Lifting Crane

  • mini truck crane
  • mini truck crane
mini truck cranemini truck crane

mini truck crane

  • Product description: mini truck crane mobile crane mini crane hydraulic crane electric mini crane electric crane

1. electric mini truck crane Features

Compact, easy to install

Max loading and unloading capacity:1000lbs

Simple to operate

360° Free manual rotation

All shafts and pins stainless steel

2. electric mini truck crane Appliance

1.vehicle-mounted electric crane ,with DC12V Vehicle power as power .Specially suitable in outdoor on power place . is widely used ,mainly used for light-weight wagon ,Vans, loading dock ,platform .Outstanding feature ,compact structure , single size , lightest weight take up minimal room .

3.HP1000 matched with 3000lbs winch ,is the best ideal option for lifting little object.

Product Name crane   (1000kg/1T load)
load moment 1.5 tm
lifting capacity at min. reach 1200 m/kg
Lifting capacity at max. reach 250 m/kg
Slewing angle 370°
Height above chassis 1000 mm
Max. lifting height above base 3.2 m
Pump performance 2-3 L/min
Working pressure 15.5 Mpa
Weight 200 Kg
Height above chassis 1565 mm
Oil capacity in base 8 L
Required power 24 V



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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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