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Railway Parts

  • Railway locomotive brake pads
  • Railway locomotive brake pads
  • Railway locomotive brake pads
Railway locomotive brake padsRailway locomotive brake padsRailway locomotive brake pads

Railway locomotive brake pads

  • brake pads
  • locomotive brake pads
  • Railway locomotive brake pads
  • Product description: 1. Product Name: Brake shoe/ Brake block. ( Cast Iron or Composite: high friction or low friction) 2. Application: railway locomotive or train wagons 3. Advantages: Hardness, Impact strength, fricti
1.rail way composite Brake shoe Material:
Composite material,high friction composite brake shoe,low friction composite brake shoe 
2. Advantage:
--Composite friction material bearing high energy braking;
--High coefficient of friction and stability,
--small heat fade for coefficient of friction,
--Temperature insensitiveness,
--Develop according to the samples or drawings
3. Application:
Heavy Duty Truck.train,railway,locomotive Bus,Automobile,petroleum drilling machine.
4. Hundreds of formula for you to choose.Can be made and designed as customers drawings or samples.
Kinds of brake to be choose,it fitting for the locomotive which speed is less than 100KM,120KM,160KM and 200KM per hour.
If you are interesting in any of our products,pls do not hesitate to contact with us!
Name Iron brake block
Type  According to customers’ drawings
Application Heavy Duty Truck.Train.Bus,Automobile,petroleum drilling machine.
Material Cast iron HT200 Composite material
Details Refer to standard GB/T 9439-1988 High friction or Low friction



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