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Hydraulic Machine

  • hydraulic steel cutter
  • hydraulic steel cutter
  • hydraulic steel cutter
hydraulic steel cutterhydraulic steel cutterhydraulic steel cutter

hydraulic steel cutter

  • Product description: Hydraulic bolt cutter, rebar cutter, steel rod cutting tool, Cutting up to 22mm diameter. Hydraulic steel rod cutter, rebar cutter, hydraulic bolt cutting tool, Cutting range is from diameter 4mm to
1.It is designed for cutting steel bar.
2.Cut opening design for easy operation
3.Dual speed unit quickly pushes knife die to cut workpiece. Then cutting fore lift and automatically switch to low speed,Save time and energy cutting .
4.Cutting head could be freely rotated 180 degree for working at norrw place.
5.Integral formed plastic box which looks nice and practical is adopted for package way.



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