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  • cutting pick
  • cutting pick
  • cutting pick
  • cutting pick
cutting pickcutting pickcutting pickcutting pick

cutting pick

  • cutter pick tool
  • coal mining/etc.
  • yellow/red/golden/black
  • tungsten carbide
  • Product description: Coal mining machine wear resistance part cutting pick for coal minning


Coal mining machine wear resistance part for coal minning.

1. High performance. 
2. Wear-resistant carbide tip for extended tooth life.
3. Strong braze weld for superior tip retention.
4. Specially hardened head for much longer tooth life.
5. Fully ranged products
1.Apply to continuous miners, longwall shearers, roadheaders,and so on.
2.Through the wearing resistant test and the hardness test.
3.With diversified designs can meet all cutting conditions.
4.With hard alloy inlaid have long life, loe energy consumption and high efficiency.
5.Reducing downtime and costs.
6.It could be made according to Customers’special demands.

More efficient
Our coal mining carbide drill bits with the feature of excellent wear and shock resistance to meet different tough working situation.



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