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Spraying equipment

  • mini concrete pump
  • mini concrete pump
  • mini concrete pump
  • mini concrete pump
  • mini concrete pump
mini concrete pumpmini concrete pumpmini concrete pumpmini concrete pumpmini concrete pump

mini concrete pump

  • Product description: high-floor cement mortar pump is a small fluid mixture conveying equipment, not only widely used for wet-mixed mortar pumping and wall plastering in high floor buildings construction, but also for sup

1.HW high-floor cement mortar pump is a small fluid mixture conveying equipment, not only widely used for wet-mixed mortar pumping and wall plastering in high floor buildings construction, but also for support lining construction in ground heating project, tunnels, mines and other underground engineering.

2.HW could pump less than 25mm fine aggregate concrete with lower

investment cost and operating cost, it is first choice ideal equipment for engineering construction. It adopts S tube as distributing valve to meet large aggregate concrete pumping.

3.The hydraulic-driven mixing device can play the good role of secondary mixing conducive to pumping. The glasses plate and cutting ring adopt hard alloy material inlay manufacturing with wear resistant and long service life.

4.The hydraulic system adopts independent three circuit electro-hydraulic control with high reliability. The electrical system control is fully functional with returning pressure control function eliminating pipe blocking failure.

5.Its elegant appearance and light weight is easy to transport;

Working with batching mixing equipment can achieve continuous pumping construction to improve construction schedule.

Model unit LH-1 LH-2 LH-3
MAX.transprort capacity m3/h 6 10 25
MAX.output pressure Mpa 10 10.5 11
MAX.grain diameter mm ≤20(≤10) ≤15 ≤20
cylinder diameter*strokemm mm Φ100*350 Φ120*600 Φ140*650
motor power kw 15 22 37
inner diameter of delivery tube mm Φ80(Φ65) Φ76(Φ65Φ80) Φ80(Φ76)
overall dimension mm 1900*600*1200 1900*750*1200 4250*1550*1500
weight kg 400 700 2400
MAX.conveying distance level(m) 80 90 110
vertical(m) 30 40 50



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