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Paver machine

  • concrete paver machine
  • concrete paver machine
  • concrete paver machine
  • concrete paver machine
concrete paver machineconcrete paver machineconcrete paver machineconcrete paver machine

concrete paver machine

  • Product description: concrete road paver machine 1.the roller can be changed according to work need. 2.weight:1500kg. 3.driving speed:8-10m/min.

1.with a steel structure ,the whole frame is solid and shock resistant.

2.the roller can be changed according to work need.

3.Concrete road paver machine is control by electric equipment,one person can control the

machine to finish the road pavement

4.Four-axel concrete paver leveling machine has three axes, a section responsible for walking,

a section responsible for leveling, a section responsible for pulp.the machine is added a set

of circular leaf plate leveling device in the front of main machine,The excess mixture will be

rolled to produce internal compression by rotating each blade for promoting the concrete road

uniform and stability.

shaft length 3-8m
shaft diameter 219mm
driving speed 5-7m/min
pavement thickness 200-300mm
excing frequency 48Hz
exciting force 4.2KN
Power 5.5-11kw
Weight 1500kg



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