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  • Electric car stopper
  • Electric car stopper
Electric car stopperElectric car stopper

Electric car stopper

  • car arrester
  • Car Stop Arrester
  • car stopper
  • Electric car arrester
  • Product description: it as the traditional ramp car stop car, can be used separately in the upper and lower parking, but also with the inclined roadway sports car supporting the use of protective equipment
Electric car arrester by the drive device, connecting plate, rolling mandrel, slide, buffer block, connecting rod, drive shaft, stop claws, double wheel limit switch constitutes a locking device.
1, the structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to install, easy maintenance, quick action, safe, reliable, energy conservation;
2, electric operation, can also be manually operated, but also remote operation, a multi-purpose, low cost.
3, anti-wheel-type electric car stop by the two-wheel trip switch and other parts of the formation of claw claw position automatic display device.
4, the button can be used to control, can also be used remote control, no manual pull, effort to facilitate.
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