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Forcible entry machinery series

  • Bush hammer
  • Bush hammer
  • Bush hammer
  • Bush hammer
  • Bush hammer
Bush hammerBush hammerBush hammerBush hammerBush hammer

Bush hammer

  • Piston stroke:35~45mm
  • Working width: 280~500mm
  • Piston length:155~185mm
  • Product description: Hand push ground walking type bush hammer, suitable for highway, bridge, railway, water conservancy, electricity, airports, Bridges, parking lots,and municipal,construction, building decoration, reinf

1. It is used to remove cement tower and floor coat of concrete road and bridge with high hardness allowy bush hammer.

2.It not only improves the work efficiency and quality and make the face to achieve uniform roughnesto remove surface laitance strong pavement concrete after binding.

3.It is made of quality hardness alloy bush hammer, strong impact, and long life.

4.Concrete floor scabbler is good shock structure, comfortable to operate reasonable design structuction easy to change bush hammers.

Model Working width(mm) Piston      length(mm) Piston      stroke(mm) Number of    blows/min Air     consumption Air    pressure Vibration    level Weight
HW-11A 283 155 35 11*2200 1.8m³/min 0.63Mpa 4.96m/s² 80kg
HW-11B 400 185 45 11*2200 4.3m³/min 0.7Mpa 4.96m/s² 126kg
HW-23B 500 155 35 23*2200 4.0m³/min 0.7Mpa 4.96m/s² 160kg



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