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Pneumatic drilling machine

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  • air compressor
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air compressorair compressorair compressorair compressor

air compressor

  • 51SH-2.0/60
  • 340HP
  • Super Silent
  • 4800*2000*2350mm
  • Product description: portable air compressor meet your needs for high volume air at medium pressure. Booster manufacturers find them invaluable as source air compressors .


- Small dimensions, light weight
- Single axle mounted
- Low noise output
- FuelXpert™ for optimized fuel
- Full shift fuel tank
- Single side service points
- Full length service doors
- Centralized fluid drains
- Electronic multi-function controller
- Lowest total cost of ownership
- Easy to transport
- Easy to manoeuver at worksite
- Ideal for urban use
- Operator & environmental safe
- Comprehensive monitoring
- Best fuel economy in class

Product Name portable diesel engine driven air compressors
Product Features

Turbocharged, air to air intercooler technology make diesel emissions meet the USA / EPA

TierI requirements.

Internal unit is equipped with three stages, high dust resistant, dry air cleaner, main filter

and safety cartridge can be replaced. There is air filter maintenance indicator on control panel.

Two 12V (1000CCA) batteries, and is equipped with a battery disconnect switch. Diesel

exhaust pipe equipped with rain cap.

Unit Features

Lockable side doors with pneumatic springs and aluminum hinges, bring convenience

to maintenance.

Hanging heavy travel system, can reduce the vibration transmitted to the internal parts

of the unit.

Engines and compressors using vibration-proof installation, can reduce the vibration and

reduce noise.

Safety protection

Automatic shutdown protection: The excess exhaust temperature, low oil pressur

e of diesel, diesel engine coolant temperature is high, engine coolant level is low,

the fuel level is too low.

Automatic and manual release valve.

All liquid emissions, including: engine coolant, engine oil, compressor oil, fuel can

be discharged very quickly and easily by a separate valve. Ball valve with safety

plug can prevent accidental discharge of the liquid.

Warranty 12 months
Delivery time 5 days after receiving payment
Package Export Standard Wooden Cases for High quality with CE approval portable air compressor



Normal effective working pressure

BAR  12

PSIG  175

Actual free air delivery

M3/MIN  20.4

CFM     719

Max.Sound power level


dB(A)    100

Max.Sound pressure level at 7m

dB(A)      76

Oil Capacity

L         31

Max. ambient temperature

°C       50



C 7 acert T3

Number of cylinders


Output at rated speed(kw)


Swept volume(l)


Engine speed (nominal)(rpm)


Engine speed (unloaded)(rpm)


Capacity oil system(l)


Capacity cooling system(l)


Capacity of fuel tank**(l)




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