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Pile driver machine

  • Static pile driver
  • Static pile driver
  • Static pile driver
Static pile driverStatic pile driverStatic pile driver

Static pile driver

  • Engine:High Power Weichai Engine
  • Pile Depth:6m
  • Usage:Round pile,Square pile,etc
  • Color:Yellow,Green,Blue or customized
  • Product description: 1.High power and efficiency 2.3 minutes to finish one pile 3.Easy operation and movable 4.Super quality

Static pile driver

This series of product is pile driving machine widely used for highway guardrail post, civil road safety fence installation, farm fence installation etc. It is designed with six diesel cylinder and has become famous among customers in China. This kind of pile driver is available in a maximum pile depth 6m, pile diameter of 6m.

Diesel engine power 80kw
Walking motor torque (max) 6000N.M
Rotary motor max torque(impact drill) 2000-2500N.M
Pile height (max) 4600mm
Mast route 6100mm
Drill depth(impact drill) 4000mm
Drill diameters(impact drill) 68-500mm
Drill angle(L/R) 25/-90 °
Drill angle(forward/backward) 20/-20 °
Hydraulic system pressure 22Mpa
Hydraulic system flow 90L/min
Travelling speed 2Km/h
Chassis spec 2800*2000*520mm
Clambing ability: ≤ 35°
Track working pressure 16Mpa
Track rotation angle 360°
Hydraulic hammer impact power 9T
Dimension(L*W*H) 7600*2100*2760mm
Net weight 9000kgs



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