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Pile driver machine

  • Solar Pile Driver
  • Solar Pile Driver
  • Solar Pile Driver
  • Solar Pile Driver
  • Solar Pile Driver
  • Solar Pile Driver
Solar Pile DriverSolar Pile DriverSolar Pile DriverSolar Pile DriverSolar Pile DriverSolar Pile Driver

Solar Pile Driver

  • Drilling diameter:300-800 mm
  • Drilling depth:1-3m
  • Piling Speed(m/min):2m/min
  • Hydraulic system working pressure:20-25 Mpa
  • Product description: pile driver, solar pile driver, electric pile driver, guardrail pile driver, Screw Pile Driver, static pile press, Impact pile driver, vibratory hammer pile driver, piling machine

Pile driving speed,the average 3 minutes can realize piling 6 meters deep,namely a hole 3 minutes to play.

Oil province,is a common driver uses around half of a year can be a driver left money for you.

Bit using manganese steel manufacturing,through processing,are suitable for all kinds of geological environment.

Crawler walking,high walking and climbing ability

The frame can be moved back and forth,bit can be adjusted,high piling position accuracy.

Power rating 50 KW
Rated speed 2400 r/min
Start the voltage 24 V
Dimension 4370 x 2010 x 4290 mm
Crawler plate width 260 mm
Highest pole 4370mm
Scope of operation parameters of borehole diameter 400-800mm
Maximum drilling depth 15m
Drill pipe rotation speed 71 r/min
Hydraulic system of main pump model CBG1 - F032/032
The main pump speed 2000-2400L/min
The main pump pressure 20 Mpa
The main valve flow 100 L/min
Hydraulic tank volume 200L
The performance parameters of gradability degrees 30
Maximum speed 5 KM/h



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