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Scraper conveyor

  • Scraper Conveyor Chain
Scraper Conveyor Chain

Scraper Conveyor Chain

  • Other Names:scraper conveying system chain; scraper machine chains
  • Product description: Scraper conveyor for delivery is widely used in coal, grain, chemical, metallurgy, mining, machinery, light, electricity, building material, transportation and environmental protection industries.

Product Introduction
Scraper conveyor for materials delivery horizontally, the pressure which comes from chains in conveying direction to the materials and the action which comes from the materials themselves cause internal friction. This friction ensures the stable situation between material layers, and it can overcome external frictional resistance which caused by moving materials in the groove and make materials transport as a whole fluid.

Main Characteristics

1. Totally enclosed structure, light weight, small volume; 

2. Convenient installation and maintenance; 

3. Horizontal or slightly inclined transport from 0° to 30; 

4. Multiple material feeding point and discharging point; 

5. Conveying distance is up to 80m with material temperature lower than 120°C;



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