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Scraper conveyor

  • SGB 420/30 Scraper Conveyor
SGB 420/30 Scraper Conveyor

SGB 420/30 Scraper Conveyor

  • Other Names:scraper conveyer with stable condition; flight conveyor; scraper conveyer
  • Product description: It is a rectangular cross section in a closed shell, by means of a moving end of the scraper chain conveyor dust, small particles and small piece of bulk materials, such as continuous delivery device,

Main Characteristics

1.Solid structure. It can withstand coal and waste rock or other materials of blunt, hit, and other external force.

2.It can adapt to the coalface floor rugged, bending goes needs, and withstand the vertical or horizontal bending.

3.Body short, easy to install.

4.It can double as the shearer running the orbit .

5.It can reverse operation, easy to deal with bottom chain accident.



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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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