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Track inspection instrument

  • Digital rail detector
  • Digital rail detector
Digital rail detectorDigital rail detector

Digital rail detector

  • LCD display interface
  • GPS
  • Digitizing
  • Information management
  • Product description: New Type of Digital Rail Detector
New Type of Digital Rail Detector, the full realization of the traditional analog flaw detection instrument all the features to meet the requirements of rail detection process, while heritage, ease of use, reliability and information management, intelligent identification, etc. there is a fundamental improvement
• In addition to the transmit and receive sections, the instrument is fully digitized. The reliability of the instrument to improve the letter, a significant reduction in size and weight
• 8.4 inch LCD display interface, 170 * 128mm, show more information, more convenient observation
• Information management, can detect the parameters, testing results of a variety of information management
• Inspection data recording, the use of U disk as a storage carrier, you can "second detection" to facilitate the detection of information management, analysis
• A variety of probe configuration to meet the current six types of equipment, a variety of probe configuration requirements, and can be customized according to the user
Three echo display interface to choose from, to provide a variety of display, each channel echo situation at a glance, B-scan, B display
Real-time display of defect parameters and job parameters, quantitative, fast positioning, display S, X, Y, gain, inhibition
• GPS, mobile phone module, testing the positioning of the car, testing the remote transmission of data, the function is optional, according to user customization



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