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Track inspection instrument

  • Laser pointing device
  • Laser pointing device
  • Laser pointing device
Laser pointing deviceLaser pointing deviceLaser pointing device

Laser pointing device

  • 3.2V
  • 5mW
  • 1.8Kg
  • 1000m
  • Product description: Before each use, the laser pointing device should first respond to the power, light conditions and the regulatory agencies to check
The Laser Pointer uses a low-power semiconductor laser to emit laser light that is converged by an optical system, making it a highly collimated laser beam that finishes point-to-point work by both horizontal and vertical fine

Power supply voltage: 3.2V

Working time: fully charged can work for 160 hours.

Charging time: about 5 hours (fast charge)

Laser tube power: 5mW (imported 635nm low-power type)

Effective range: 1000m

Spot diameter: 200 meters at 5mm; 400 meters at 15mm; 600 meters at 20mm; 800 meters at 30mm; 1000 meters at 40mm.

Vertical and horizontal coarse adjustment: 360 ° any vertical and horizontal fine-tuning: ≤ ± 4 °

Size: 265 × 95 × 120mm

Weight: 1.8Kg (without battery weight)

Applicable environment

Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 110Kpa Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +40 ℃ Air humidity: ≤ 95%



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