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ixing station

  • mixing station
  • mixing station
  • mixing station
  • mixing station
mixing stationmixing stationmixing stationmixing station

mixing station

  • high efficient
  • widely use
  • microprocessor control
  • digital display
  • Product description: concrete mixing station /plant/mixer

HZS series concrete silo mixing is an high efficient plant.can producing plasticity,dry-hard cement etc. widely used in large.Medium-sized construction ,road and bridge project or the pre-production of concrete product.

it is an ideal equipment for production of concrete.

This mixing system main adopted  JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixer,it adopted the latest design controltechnology on electric weighing ,microprocessor control,digital display etc.

The electric weighing all with buffer device and automatic compensation function.

high measurement precision.gravel feeding system adopted V belt , have maintenance aisle,

is the ideal choice for construction company to produce high quality concrete.


Concrete silo mixing plant Application :
Used for Bridge,construction works,dock,highway,irrigation works,mixing plant,precast factory.



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