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Steel Rail

  • GB steel rails
  • GB steel rails
  • GB steel rails
GB steel railsGB steel railsGB steel rails

GB steel rails

  • length:6-12m
  • Q235B 55Q 45mn U71mn
  • GB/2585-81 GB/3426-89 GB/11264-89
  • Product description: Rail steel specifications: 8kg * 6m-120kg * 12.5m Can be produced on demand side (special size and length of length) Length: 6-12.5 (m)
Is the main component of the railway track, the function is to guide the wheels of the locomotive vehicles forward to withstand the enormous pressure of the wheel and passed to the sleeper..


Rail length and other geometric dimensions and tolerances, etc., from the "8" in the corresponding light and heavy rail standards.

Appearance Quality

(1) After rolling the rail should be straight, no significant bending and torsion. For the light and heavy rail local bending and torsion and its correction of deformation, the track end of the tilt, etc., shall not exceed the standard requirements.

(2) rail surface should be clean and smooth, shall not have cracks, scarring, scratches and other defects; the end surface may not have shrinkage traces and sandwich. For light rails the overall surface allow the existence of defects and the extent of its geometric volume, shall not exceed the standard requirements.



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