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Epoxy Floor Grinder

  • Epoxy Floor Grinder
  • Epoxy Floor Grinder
  • Epoxy Floor Grinder
  • Epoxy Floor Grinder
Epoxy Floor GrinderEpoxy Floor GrinderEpoxy Floor GrinderEpoxy Floor Grinder

Epoxy Floor Grinder

  • floor grinding machine
  • high effiency
  • easy operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Product description: 1. Easily and safety for operating. 2. Low maintenance cost and long life time design. 3. High performance, more durable. 4. Best service.
Epoxy floor grinding machine can effectively polished concrete surface and epoxy mortar layer and old epoxy floor, etc. The machine can be the old epoxy floor removal.

Product use:

1. Grinding of standard concrete foundation.

2. Grinding of hard concrete foundation.

3. Grinding of Epoxy resin coating.

4. Removal of old coating.

5. Concrete surface grinding wool processing.

6. Concrete concave convex and fragile layer smooth processing.

Main motor power 3.0 KW/4.0 KW

Vacuuming the motor power 750 w.

Processing area 380 mm

Grinding head 3 / pay

The work efficiency An area of 2500 square meters / 8 hours

The weight is130 kg



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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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