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Belt conveyor

  • DT75 Belt Conveyor
DT75 Belt Conveyor

DT75 Belt Conveyor

  • Other Names:mining conveyor; belt conveyor; coal mining conveyor; fire-proof belt conveyor for gravity materials convey machinery
  • Product description: It can transport bulk materials or packaged product, such as stone, sand, coal, concrete, cement, gravel, fertilizer, mineral ore, limestone, coke, sawdust, wood chip, bulk material, grain, corn flake

Product Introduction:

The belt conveyors consist of standard parts and have the advantages of large transfer quantity, simple structure, and easy maintenance. They are widely used in mining, metallurgy and coal industry to transfer sandy or lump material or packaged materials. According to different transferring equipment, the transfer system can work independently or by multi-conveyors or combine with other transfer equipments.The belt conveyor can be installed horizontally or aslope to meet the needs of different transfer lines.

Operating Principle:

The motor drives the driving rollers of the belt conveyor, and drives the roller by the strong belt advances. Materials are conveyed from the original place to the place where they are needed.

Main Characteristics:

1. Large conveyor capacity; 

2. Conveying distance is long; 

3. Maintenance is easy; 

4. Operation situation is steady; 

5. Wide applications; 

6. If fitted with other discharging device, the conveyor could discharge the material into different position.



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