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  • BW850 mud pump
  • BW850 mud pump
  • BW850 mud pump
  • BW850 mud pump
  • BW850 mud pump
BW850 mud pumpBW850 mud pumpBW850 mud pumpBW850 mud pumpBW850 mud pump

BW850 mud pump

  • Flow:850l/min
  • Pressure:2.0Mpa
  • 37KW
  • Mud pump
  • Product description: BW850 drilling mud pump are horizontal reciprocating dual cylinder,double acting pistion’s uesed for pressing washing liquid(mud or water) into the drilling well when the geological drilling
1. A horizontal, triplex, single acting reciprocation piston pump. The pump can choose diesel motor

power, It has simple operation, convenient, can achieve close range or remote control.

2. This pump is a compact structure, smooth operation, high output pressure, longer life expectancy,

stable performance, good general and so on.

3. This pump adopts the car transmission,Can get six different discharge and pressure,Reasonable

configuration parameters selection,The construction technology can satisfy different requirements.

4. Mainly used drilling fluid in supply for 2000m about core drilling coal field geology,metallurgy

geology,hydrogeololgy,drilling fluid can use mud and water, the coal water etc.
Technical specifications of BW850/2 mud pump
Type Horizontal double cylinder reciprocating double action piston pump
Cylinder Diameter (mm) 150
Stroke (mm) 180
Pump Speed (times/min) 82 58
Flow (L/min) 850 600
Pressure (MPa) 2.0 3.0
Power (kw) 37
Shape Size (mm) 2000*1030*1400
Weight (kg) 1500



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