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Belt conveyor

  • BPJ Rubber Belt Stripped Machine
BPJ Rubber Belt Stripped Machine

BPJ Rubber Belt Stripped Machine

  • Other Names:rubber belt stripped machine; belt stripped machine
  • Product description: The products are widely used in the following industries, such as power plants, mining, steelworks, wharf, petrochemical, etc.

Product Introduction:

The belt stripped machine can strip general belt, such as rubber, fabric, canvas, cotton, EP, nylon belt. The conveyor belt stripped machine is used for fastening the joints falling off conveyor belts and cleaning the head adhesive layer.

Main Characteristics:

1. By conventional method, please put the conveyor belt on the centerline, and the corresponding joint should be incised with knife, and then separate the first layer;

2. Put the conveyor belt stripped machine on an appropriate location and fix well by wire rope;

3. Connect with power supply;

4. Clamp the first layer with fixture; start motor and incise the stripped part properly;

5. After stripped the first layer, and repeat the above steps, strip the second and third layers.

1. Motor power: 0.75 KW

2. Linear velocity: 0.3 m / s

3. The largest Stripped width: 200 mm ( NN, EP Conveyor belt, ect), 400 mm (general belt)

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