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Pile driver machine

  • 8m rotary pile driver
  • 8m rotary pile driver
  • 8m rotary pile driver
8m rotary pile driver8m rotary pile driver8m rotary pile driver

8m rotary pile driver

  • rotary pile driver
  • electric rotary pile driver
  • 8m rotary pile driver
  • 360 degree rotary pile driver
  • Product description: 1,high quality round screw electric-driver 2,Competitive price 3,easy and fast install
This tool operation is simpel,variety size of device could be used for different ground screw. This driver is shipped completely assemble.When we push the reverser,the host machine will contrarotate,Then ground screw will be drilled out.When the ground screw work normally,the adjusting knob of control instrument can be adjusted to maximun.It can ensure the host machine output the biggest torque.
roted power

rated speed 2400r/min
starting voltage 24v
dimension size 4370*2010*4290
min ground interapzce 380mm
track shoe width 260mm
max upright rod height 4370mm
drill diameter 130-800mm
max drill depth 3600mm
rod rotation speed 71r/min
main pump rotation speed 2000-2400l/min
main pump press 20mpa
main valve flow 100l/min
oil tank capacity 200l
climb angle 35
max travel speed 5km/h



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