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Rencheng TV reporters came to visit Jining Hengwang interview

On the morning of May 18, entrusted by business bureau Rencheng television reporter came to shandong constant tawang visit interview, shandong constant ming-tao liu, general manager of flourishing, cross-border e-commerce guo-qiang wang, general manager warmly visiting journalists, and welcome to reporters.

In order to better understand the shandong constant, reporters in liu's first visit to the led constant flourishing e-commerce company, cross-border e-commerce company, network information, reporters at the scene of record, and has carried on the interview to liu2 zong3, detailed understanding of the development of shandong constant flourishing e-commerce situation and future planning. Finally, liu is the reporter's questions has carried on the detailed answers.

ChengTai journalists interview talked about, shandong constant flourishing in the e-commerce platform construction and enterprise informatization construction has made proud achievements, as a traditional mechanical manufacturing enterprise, can in the e-commerce industry is so proud achievements, is very worthy of study in the same industry, city and even the whole we have an obligation to, it is the responsibility of shandong will be constant in the successful development model for promotion to the society, encouragement and support of the city and even the whole industry enterprises learn!


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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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