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Kuwait customers to jining Hengwang to visit procurement

The afternoon of May 14, Kuwait's merchants to visit our company for equipment procurement, Aggy cross-border e-commerce company manager in the company, business on behalf of the warm reception of the Molly.

The Kuwait customers to purchase the products mainly include wall machine and accessories and other products. Under the guidance of the staff, the Kuwaiti businessmen visited Hengwang e-commerce industry park and companies manufacture workshop, the intelligent equipment in the production of the first scene, carefully looked at the wall machine samples, foreign workers on specific product technical parameters for the merchants has carried on the detailed instructions. Merchants said, shandong Hengwang products in the domestic, and even international is very popular, volume is very hot, the constant popular products, the degree of market recognition is very high, firm the confidence of our long-term cooperation with the shandong Hengwang.

Over the years, shandong Hengwang with the high quality products and perfect after-sales service in the global climaxing Hengwang brand, has established long-term cooperation with several large global group, 480000 global customers, truly realize the strategic target for the shandong Hengwang international trade globalization! In 2016, shandong Hengwang will expand overseas market, expand the scale of foreign trade export, increase the company technology strength in the field of intelligent control, to speed up the company in the high-tech industrial products in the field of innovation and transformation, efforts to create a new situation of foreign trade import and export company! Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit jining  Hengwang investigation global sourcing!


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Phone: 0086-15853783389

Tel: 0086-15853783389


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