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American merchants visit inspection Shandong Hengwang negotiation

On April 27th afternoon, American customers line visit ShandongHengwang, manager ming-tao liu guo-qiang wang, international trade company director, business representatives, Suki accompanied the visit.

To the United States a line from the visit ShandongHengwang group mainly to on-the-spot investigation, the group's products to further confirm the order details of the contract. Customer representatives visited machinery factory and the factory, and the group staff product specific parameters are discussed in detail, and with the international trade branch is responsible for the leadership to confirm the goods list and logistics delivery situation.

American businessman says, through the investigation on the comprehensive strength of the ShandongHengwang have further understanding, hope I can keep a long-term cooperation relationship with group, jointly promote the trade between the two countries.

According to statistics, at present the Hengwang clinch a deal the global customers has exceeded 300000, involving more than 100 countries. Future, Hengwang will with more high-quality products, good services to further broaden the global market, expand the scope of international trade.


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Tel: 0086-15853783389


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