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Hot sale!! High pressure downhole drilling rig

1product introduction
Crawler pneumatic drill, mechanical walking, with a high file, can pass through the rugged terrain, and can automatically loading and unloading vehicles, eliminating the cost of lifting! Small size, automatic hydraulic system, safe and reliable!
For air-conditioning drilling, family wells, small water conservancy projects, the host size easy to move, into a small space and farmers, small homes do business!
2product parameters
Hole: 249mm
Final hole: 100mm
Drilling depth: 200m
Cylinder propulsion length: 3m
Dragon Gate Height: 4.5m
Drilling depth: 150m
Drill: 76 * 6 * 3000mm
Impact: 350
Matching air compressor: 21-27 cubic
Host weight: 2800kg

Overall dimensions: 3600 * 1400 * 2l00mm


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Phone: 0086-15853783389

Tel: 0086-15853783389


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