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Indian customers to Hengwang procurement negotiations

On the morning of May 18, Indian merchants visit shandong Hengwang procurement, cross-border e-commerce department manager Amy accompanied the visit.

The Indian customers to visit shandong constant, mainly on the company's production of roller procurement, international trade department manager Amy in recent years, the company production of new type roller made detailed introduction to the customer, and accompany them to the constant mong road equipment factory production situation of the scene view and understanding

Later, Amy manager with Indian customers in specific orders for the product details and delivery details discussed in detail, the customer said to the constant of the product quality and credibility is very safe, hope to be able to maintain long-term relations of cooperation with shandong constant flourishing, Amy manager also said the company will with the most excellent products and service to give back to the broad masses of overseas customers trust.


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Phone: 0086-15853783389

Tel: 0086-15853783389


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