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Congratulations Hengwang patent product (PV Hammers) sold to Thailand

On March 26 in the afternoon, shandong heng wang  international trade company a batch of photovoltaic driver acceptance within the prescribed time sent to Qingdao port, eventually the Qingdao port to Thailand.

The delivery of the product quantity, time requirements, and is a foreign trade export, group attaches great importance to and made a detailed feasible production plan, and take responsibility, his grasp the project, and ensure the product on time, durability, ensuring delivery Thai customer. Over the years, my group to excellent product quality and perfect after-sale service of establishing a good reputation both at home and abroad, product market share, is ahead and has always been the trust of domestic and foreign many large mining group, with a number of large industrial and mining group reached a long-term strategic partnership.

In recent years, shandong constant swan group positive response national policy, vigorously develop cross-border e-commerce, the group's production and sales of more than kinds of products successfully sold to 138 countries and regions in the world, has sung constant popular brand in the whole world, for the development of the national industrial and mining machinery industry has set a new standard!


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Phone: 0086-15853783389

Tel: 0086-15853783389


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